REAL TALK: I love people so lets connect + collaborate + and create together. 

About few years ago I was very seriously challenged with the question “What do you think your purpose is…” and while I don’t claim to have it all figured out, I did spend some time coming up with an answer. My role is to be a tool to help others tell their stories.

Let me into your world for an hour or an afternoon or a day and I will help you tell your story.  I want YOU to shine through the image and while my own creative ideas and directions will be apart of the experience my goal along with taking beautiful photos is to achieve your goal. I hope that when you look at your images you will feel like the best of you is coming through. My secret is that I see the world through the lens (figuratively and now literally) of capturing the best in everyone through my mood outlook and work.

So contact me at and we will work together to make you feel like a rockstar... or maybe you already are one :)